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I Do Small to Medium Projects
Exceptionally Well

I'm kinda like the old fashioned country doctor....only for your home.  I'm really experienced, I truly care about your home, and I fully devote myself to doing great work.
My absolute FAVORITE thing to do is to get a list from you with about twenty jobs on it.  Some call it the "honey do list" ...whatever... just go through your house carefully and note all the things that need fixing, replacing, changing, etc.  I'll go over the items with you, and will look at critical things that you might have missed; is their moisture damage on your bathroom ceiling?  Are your gutters clogged?  Do you want a motion detector light in your laundry room entry, so you don't have to grope for a switch?  Is the caulking around your tub getting cruddy?  How old is your roof, and when was it last inspected?
I'll take that list and get everything taken care of for you. 
On really varied and random jobs like this, I'll simply charge an hourly rate, and work until everything is done.  I'm clean, quiet, don't smoke, only curse in extreme circumstances, and I make sure you get to tell me just how you want things before I do them.  Put me to work and go relax.  I arrive well fed and coffee'd up, all ready to work.  Dogs love me, but quickly figure out that I'm not there to play (I think it has something to do with how my pant leg smells).  Cats don't like the noises my tools make and tend to avoid me....though I do like cats.  I have three kids, so no problems there...just so long as they don't get to close to dangerous tools.
If your project is more involved...such as finishing a basement, remodeling a bath, replacing a kitchen, etc., I'll work with you on the design, help with permits, and make sure you know what things will cost.  One thing my customers really seem to like is that I ask them how they want things before I do them.  Lots of contractors get a signed agreement and want to kick you out, so there are no changes, no discussions and no hassles.  Heck, its YOUR HOME!  I want you to be so happy with the finished product that you cannot wait to tell your friends about me.  So, I want you in on the big and little decisions that will matter to you for the rest of the time you own the home.
The MOST satisfying part of my job is the frequency with which my customers call me back over the years.  I see them enjoying the improvements I've made, and they want my help on other things.  Since I'm a small business, it's profitable for me to install a window or two at a time, as my customer's budget allows.  I also frequently let the homeowner work alongside me, because they want to be part of the process.  I'm flexible and try to be the kind of person you're happy to have in your home.
And, since I'm also a business...referrals are deeply appreciated. 

Brent Briggs * Kintnersville, PA 18930 Phone: (215) 262-1340

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