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Brent Briggs Home Improvements delivers competence and expertise in the following areas of the home:
  • Carpentry:  structural framing of interior and exterior walls and roofs, interior and exterior trimwork, stairs and handrails, fences, doors, windows, built-ins, custom cabinetry, wood flooring, etc.
  • Electrical:  Wiring of additions, finished basements and remodeling projects.  Additional circuits, outlets, lighting, etc.  Exterior lighting, motion sensor lighting, low voltage lighting, radio frequency switches, etc.
  • Plumbing:  Plumbing of additions, finished basements, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor living spaces.  Maintenance and repairs.  Water heaters, sinks, showers, baths, toilets.  Repairs and replacements.
  • Roofing:  Finding and repairing leaks can be difficult.  Many roofing companies in the area refer customers with leaks and repair needs to me.  Minor and major repairs to shingles, flashing, flat roofs and skylights. Installation of vent fans, sunlight tubes, skylights, gable vents, etc.  Full removal and replacement of roof with 30 year materials.  We tarp the exterior walls of your house, lawn and flower bed prior to removing shingles. All debris are hauled away and we install full vapor barrier, ice and water shield, ridge vents and oversized flashing.  Shingles are "storm nailed" for maximum shingle life and your property is left as clean as we find it.
  • Tile:  Bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, showers.  Remodeling, or new construction, all work is expertly done.
  • Doors and Windows:  Measuring and ordering of proper size and manufacturer.  Expert removal of existing, and installation of new. 
  • Drywall and Painting:  Major and minor repairs to drywall.  Installation of new drywall and complete finishing.  Priming and painting of walls, trim, etc.
  • Basement Entry/Egress:  Sizing and locating optimum location for basement steps & door, or fire egress window.  Careful excavation and foundation cutting.  Water mitigation as needed. Expert installation of steps & door, or window well and window.  All work is performed to local building code.
  • Basement and Bathroom remodeling:  Finished basements, optimizing space for maximum utilization.  Basement bathrooms installed, storage systems, utility areas.  Sump pumps, wet basement remediation, foundation insulation.  The quality of basement equals or exceeds quality of home.  Bathroom remodeling, from destruction of existing to final coat of paint.  Walls moved, rooms expanded, etc.
  • Masonry:  Moderate to minor repairs of chimneys, walks, steps, brickface, etc.,  Installation of veneer stone (as on a fireplace, around a wood stove, on an accent wall, etc.).  Improvements to entry ways, walkways, etc.
  • Remodeling of Home Spaces:  Every home has what I call "stupid space."  It's the cramped entry through the laundry room, the kitchen with no pantry, or the cavernous bathroom with a jacuzzi that is never used.  I'll work with you to understand your family's needs and remodel spaces to accommodate your life style.
  • Rain Gutters and Gutter Guards:  80% of the wet basements I encounter are influenced by the condition of the house's gutters.  I replace, repair and remodel gutters and downspouts to improve their efficiency.  I also found a very affordable gutter guard that works quite well.  It's only available through roofing suppliers.  I've been installing it for over five years.  I have made it a point to follow up with these customers and the reports are good.  I've inspected a number of installations years later, and they are clean and working great.

Brent Briggs * Kintnersville, PA 18930 Phone: (215) 262-1340

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