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I operate a full service home improvements business within a 50 mile radius of Doylestown, PA.  For 30 years, I have mastered every trade skill involved in maintaining, repairing, remodeling, and improving your home.  I am experienced in servicing historic, older, and modern EEE homes.  Whether it's a leaky roof, a leaky basement, a leaky door or a leaky water heater, I will analyze your needs and make the repairs correctly the first time.  Whether you are interested in maintaining your home, expanding, remodeling or preparing it for sale, I will deliver comprehensive and competent service. 

I keep my business small, and the quality high.  I focus mainly on medium to small projects, and personally attend to every detail.  No matter what your home's style, or price range, you probably have a list of items you'd like to have repaired, replaced, or remodeled.  I'm far more skilled than the typical "handyman" and have a broader range of skills than, say a plumber, electrician, carpenter or painter.  Every project I perform in a home is done with a comprehensive understanding of its impact on the rest of the home.  My customers quickly realize that I love their homes as much as they do.

The most challenging remodeling project in a home is a bathroom.  A 6' x 8' bathroom requires these trade skills; carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, heat/air conditioning, tile, (sometimes roofing) and painting.  Since I perform every aspect of the project, there is no need to open your home to numerous subcontractors, or their itinerant employees.  You get one, honest, competent source, who is onsite throughout the entire project. 
I network with numerous tradesmen in Bucks County and am frequently called upon to solve complex or difficult problems that they haven't the skills to address.  For example, a roofing contractor occasionally damages a ceiling, but has no drywall skills on their crew.  Or, a siding specialist may get a request to install an outdoor faucet or electrical outlet.  A paver patio contractor may need a gas outlet for a grill.

Whether you're contemplating turning your basement into a living space, or just need drywall repairs, contact me.  I do it all.

I am licensed by the state of PA, fully insured, and I have references on request.

I look forward to hearing from you. 
Brent Briggs  

Brent Briggs

Brent Briggs * Kintnersville, PA 18930 Phone: (215) 262-1340

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